I would like to give Planned Parenthood and their Teen Council forum 10/10 stars

idk about you all, but this made me cry
and i know not all forms do this, this might be the only one, but knowing that at least one organization recognizes me as a person, doesn’t ask me to lie to fit their box, is one of the most calming and beautiful things to experience.

and i’m just waiting for the day when government forms use this, when schools ask for preferred pronouns, when everywhere has an other category for gender and pronouns.

we’re getting there, y’all.  we’re demanding to be seen and it’s working

PLANNED PARENTHOOD YES. Thank you, so awesome.

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Taylor gives a fan $90 while in Central Park, NYC

#go see a star war

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Adding Sharks Instantly Makes Any Movie More Awesome

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Game of Thrones Cast attends the panel and Q&A during Comic-Con International 2014 at San Diego Convention Center on July 25, 2014 in San Diego, California

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self positivity is f*cking great!!! u think ur cool??? then ur cool!!! u think ur cute??? then ur hella cute!!! look at you go. so amazing

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Last Meals of Inmates on Death Row

Single black olive with a pit in it


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allmydeadboysftw Actually, pretty much

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Anonymous: are you from heaven because tennessee

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the-earth-laughs-in-flowers9: Hope you found a reason to smile today :) ♡

I found your message a reason to smile! 

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Being on Tumblr during Comic Con is like watching all of your friends go to Hogsmeade without you

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Images by Johan Kuno

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PRO TIP: watching “how it’s made” is SUCH a good way to combat an anxiety attack! There’s soothing music, a soothing narrator who’s intonation never changes (narrators never yell or change their speaking pace), it’s engaging enough to keep you occupied but doesn’t force you to think too hard!

also sometimes the narrator makes bad puns

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» Because only Vin Diesel could ever be ridiculously nerdy enough to attend the UK world premiere red carpet for Guardians of the Galaxy wearing a “I am Groot” t-shirt and walking on stilts

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